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Mine Water Utilization in NCL

NCL is having only 10 operating OC mines where the mine water is being treated and reused in the mine itself for industrial and other uses. Details of Mine water utilization is given as Annexure-I.

Quantity of water supplied to the community with location and number of beneficiaries / villages etc. with photographs and certification of local bodies:At present, no drinking water is being supplied to the outsiders. However, for providing drinking water to the surrounding villages 40 no. of RO plants are installed around all the mines of capacity ranging from 5KL/day to 10 KL/day. The estimated number of beneficiaries from RO plant is about 28,000 villagers per day. The beneficiary of hand pumps are 40,000 per day .The photographs of RO plants are enclosed herewith.

Quality and quantity of water supplied to the community for drinking, agricultural and other purposes:At present, no drinking water is supplied to the community. However, there is an Integrated Water Supply System of 18 MGD capacity from which potable water is being supplied to 13 units of NCL viz (Amlohri, Bina, Block-B, Jayant, Jhingurdah, Kakri, Krishnashila, Nigahi, Khadia, Dudhichua, NCL HQ Township, CWS Jayant, and NSC Jayant).

Mine Closure

The mine wise activities carried out till date on the closed and abundant mines prior to 2009 MCP notification as well as progressive and final mine closer activities under taken for ongoing and closed mines after 2OO9 MCP notification with definite time frame for completion. Enclosed in Annexure- II