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Systematic Improvements

SN Letter Ref. Issued by Reference
1 NCL/DTO/F-31/20/242 dated 19.03.2021 Director(Technical/ Operations) Systematic Improvements for
    Procurement of Spares
2 NCL/SGR/DIR(T)/P&P/2021/F-61/1029 dated 02.03.2021 Director(Technical/ Project & Planning) Systematic Improvements in order
    to ensure transparency in Tendering Process and improved control mechanisms in our internal systems
3 NCL/Vig/XF/CTE/2021/167 dated 25.05.2021 Chief Vigilance Officer, NCL Implementation of recommendation of the Committee in IT measures.
4 NCL/SGRL/E&T/21-22/1475 dated 04.06.2021 General Manager (E&T), NCL Work order for supply, installation & commissioning of CCTV at Covid ward in NSC jayant.