Environment Policy & Management

Since inception NCL has been a leader in environment management among the opencast mines in India. New reclamation techniques and initiatives have been taken to operate all the Mining projects in environment friendly manner. The planned development of mines with proper layout, greening, colonies, black topped roads, planned backfilling and bio-reclamation has been the highlights of Environment management. The number of trees planted till now has been the highest among all the coal companies and more than 2.33 crores trees have been planted. At NCL, all our activities and operations are guided by sound environmental practices, second to none. Right from its inception, the company has a well defined environment policy. It is committed to protecting the fragile ecology as well as ensuring a sustainable growth of power. It is passionate about ensuring a clean environment for all of us and future generations.

Salient Features - NCL towards Environment Excellence:

  • NCL is one of the best environmentally managed Coal Producing Company.
  • NCL have ten coal mining projects and each of the mines are earnestly carrying out environment management for sustainable mining.
  • NCL is certified with ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008 and OSHAS 18001:2007 for all mines, Hospitals and Central Workshop as an Integrated Management System (IMS).
  • It has An Integrated Water Supply System(IWSS) with 18 MGD water treatment plant for all mines / colonies of NCL
  • NCL has a large recreation park at Jayant colony with all infrastructure like boating, fountains, water bodies, amphitheater, clubhouse, toy train etc.
  • There are 11 fully operational ETPs with sufficient capacity of treatment (with about 50% extra capacity).
  • The OB dumps reclamation work, both physical and biological, in NCL is one of the best with bio-matting used earlier in Jayant, Dudhichua and Nigahi.
  • The no of trees planted more than 2.33 crore trees with all around greening of the mined areas.
  • In last three years more stress was given to bio- reclamation and the no of trees planted are 3.70 lakh in 2015-16, 3.80 lakh in 2016-17 and 5.127 lakh trees in 2017-18
  • The per employee tree plantation is the one of the highest: more than 1550trees per employee.
  • Most of the mines are having proper black topped roads in the mines
  • The ambient air quality is monitored for all the mines on fortnightly basis and 98% of the results indicate that the Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) is within the permissible norms.
  • Achievement of Biological Reclamation of NCL Projects for the year 2017-18