Environment Management in NCL

Salient Features - NCL towards Environment Excellence:
  • NCL is one of the best environmentally managed Coal Producing Company.
  • NCL have ten coal mining projects and each of the mines are earnestly carrying out environment management for sustainable mining.
  • NCL is certified with ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008 and OSHAS 18001:2007 for all mines, Hospitals and Central Workshop as an Integrated Management System (IMS).
  • It has An Integrated Water Supply System(IWSS) with 18 MGD water treatment plant for all mines / colonies of NCL
  • NCL has a large recreation park at Jayant colony with all infrastructure like boating, fountains, water bodies, amphitheater, clubhouse, toy train etc.
  • There are 10 fully operational ETPs with sufficient capacity of treatment (with about 50% extra capacity).
  • The OB dumps reclamation work, both physical and biological, in NCL is one of the best with bio-matting used earlier in Jayant, Dudhichua and Nigahi.
  • The no of trees planted more than 2.42 crore trees with all around greening of the mined areas.
  • In last three years more stress was given to bio- reclamation and the no of trees planted are 5.19 lakh in 17-18, 3.59 lakh in 18-19 and 5.35 lakh trees in 2019-20
  • The per employee tree plantation is the one of the highest: more than 1375 trees per employee.
  • Most of the mines are having proper black topped roads in the mines
  • The ambient air quality is monitored for all the mines on fortnightly basis and 98% of the results indicate that the Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) is within the norms.