Employees Welfare facilities

NCL provides welfare facilities to its employees to keep their motivation levels high. The employee welfare schemes can be classified into two categories viz. statutory and non-statutory welfare schemes. The statutory schemes are those which are compulsory by virtue of applicable Industrial Laws governing employee. These include provisions provided in industrial acts like Mines Act 1952 in mines and Factories Act 1948 in CWS. The non-statutory services and amenities are provided beyond the provision of law to provide congenial surroundings to personal, family and social life of the employees for their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It enables betterment and growth of each and every individual of our NCL family.

Canteens :

Food being one of the Man’s basic needs is made available in the best possible manner by the way of NCL’s Canteens. With our 40 canteens being run in NCL offices and mining areas’ premises, hygienic and palatable food is served to our employees. According to the norms set by the government in the Mines Act 1952.

Projects No. of canteens
Amlohri Projects 3
Bina Projects 5
Block-B Projects 1
CWS Projects 1
Dudhichua Projects 5
Headquarter Projects 1
IWSS Projects -
Jayant Projects 9
Jhingurda Projects 3
Kakri Projects 1
Khadia Projects 5
Krishnashila Projects 1
Nigahi Projects 5

Rest Shelter :

Rest shelters are provided at each project/unit for our workers. In total there are 25 rest shelters spread across our projects and units.A sufficient number of latrines and urinals, separately for males and females, are provided in every mine at suitable places accessible at all times to all persons employed in the mine. All these places are maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

Drinking Water :

Drinking water is being provided to our employees in each project and unit canteens, workshops, CHPs and site stores. The workers carry water in water bottles to their workplace. A sufficient supply of cool and wholesome drinking water is provided and maintained at suitable points conveniently situated for all persons employed in the mines. Portable drinking water is provided to our employees at canteens, workshops, site stores, offices, and CHPs. Further, employees are also provided with appropriate water bottles to carry drinking water to their exact place of work.

First-Aid :

A sufficient number of first-aid boxes are provided and maintained at each of our mines and units. Apart from this, ambulance service is available 24*7. Hospitals are also made available at an approachable distance. Employees at each unit/project are trained in First aid and the training program is conducted time to time by our experienced medic and paramedic team at NCL’s Hospitals.

Creche :

Crèches are to be maintained where more than 50 female employees are employed. In NCL there is a crèche facility available at Nehru Shatabdi Chikitsalaya catering to the needs of the female workers employed there.


Medical Facilities :

The services are provided through 10 dispensaries and 3 hospitals spread all over NCL. Central referral hospital, Nehru Shatabdi Chikitsalaya with 150 beds, is a multispecialty hospital supported by two other hospitals, Bina Hospital which is a regional hospital with 15 beds & Singrauli Hospital, a full-fledged secondary care hospital with 35 beds. All the 10 dispensaries are our also acting as PME centers also.

Hospitals in NCL :

1. Nehru Shatabdi Chikitsalay, Jayant: This hospital provides secondary health care services with additional facilities like Haemodialysis, Paretonal dialysis, CT, MRI, Lithotripsy and Minimal accessive surgery.

2. Central Hospital, Singrauli: This hospital provides secondary health care services.

3. Bina Hospital and other ten (10) Dispensaries : These hospitals / dispensaries provide primary health care services.

Other Facilities Number
Specialists 20
Doctors including Specialists / GDMO's 68
No. of Beds 200
Ambulances 26
ICU Ambulances 01
Mobile VAN NIL
MRI 01
CT Scan 01
Mammography NIL
Creches 01
Diabetic Clinic 02
Blood Bank 01
Dialysis Machine 03
Yoga Hall 01
  • 07 (Seven) Nos. of 500 mA X-Ray Machines already supplied and installed and 01 (one) Digital X-Ray Machine (CR System) has been supplied and installed.

  • Medicine worth Rs. 2.16 Crore has been supplied and for Rs. 1.00 Crore order to be placed shortly against 27 nos. Rate Contract.

Education Facilities :

NCL hosts 28 Schools in and around its project areas. Considerable no of options are there for employee wards to choose to study from. There are CBSE, ICSE and State Board Schools being run successfully. Few schools are operating by an agreement made with NCL. Among these, there are seven DAV Public Schools, two Central Schools and one Delhi Public School having an agreement for the Deficit grant to be provided by NCL. There are others like the Bina Intermediate College which is given the grant in aid by NCL and other schools getting infrastructure support from NCL as per their requirement.

The students are given ample opportunity to bloom in curricular as well as in co-curricular activities. They are awarded with scholarships and appreciation from time to time. The Scholarships are awarded as per the CIL Scholarship Scheme. The wards of wage board employees who perform well in All India Entrance Exams and secure admissions in Government Engineering & Medical Colleges across the country are given full reimbursement of their Tuition and hostel fees. NCL’s Welfare department carefully keeps a track of all the applications received in this regard and sanctions the amount in phase wise manner every year.

projects/units No of Schools
Kendriya Vidyalaya @ Singrauli and CWS (deficit finance) 2
DAV Public School (Aml, Bina, Dch, Jrd, Kkr, Khd, Ngh) 7
Delhi Public School Nigahi 1
Schools given Grant-in-aid :-
Bina Intermediate College and Primary School 1
Amlohri Projects 3
Schools given occasional help/ Self-Financed :-
Other Schools 28

Sports Facilities

Stadiums 4
Playgrounds 8
Swimming Pools 1
Gymnasium 3
Badminton Courts 3
Lawn Tennis Courts 1
Table Tennis Courts 12
Vollyball Courts 3
Sports Complex 1