New Initiatives

  • The work for eco-restoration has been completed through FRI, Dehradun for 2 sites for 5 ha each at Nigahi and Krishnashila. This is one of the endeavours for improving the quality of afforestation through the latest scientific way which will create a rich bio-diversity with 3 tier plantation, grassing, etc.
  • Automatic mobile dust sweeping machine has been procured by Block- B project for cleaning dust from coal transport roads regularly.
  • 4 nos. Surface miners have been introduced in 3 projects of NCL. This is an eco- friendly machine which eliminates the blasting and crushing of coal.
  • 45 nos. fixed water sprinklers have been installed on Coal Transportation roads of Krishanshila project.
  • RO Plants have been installed in about 40 villages around the mines of NCL for supply of potable drinking water.
  • Continuous ambient air quality monitoring stations (CAAQMS) are going to be installed in 9 projects of NCL.
  • Replacement of all incandescent lamps and sodium vapor lamps to LED in phase wise.
  • Study of carbon footprints of all NCL with suggestions/ measure from improvement is going on.
  • Proposal for Introduction of Mist spray system in all Mines of NCL to control fugitive dust is in process.