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NCL is among the best subsidiaries of Coal India Ltd having well established communication network for providing effective Data & Voice communication between NCL HQ to different projects/units. Telecommunication network is a backbone for implementation of various IT initiatives/ activities.


In order to have seamless flow of real-time data from NCL HQ to different projects/units/weighbridges up to last mile connectivity and for effective utilization of IBS/Coalnet/ERP solutions, NCL has established a three layer WAN network are as follows:

Layer 1: Optical fiber cable network (own network):

A network through optical fiber cable exists between NCL HQ with different project/unit offices for Data & Voice communication.

Layer 2: IP based Radio communication network (own network):

IP based radio network has been also established between HQ and projects/units as an alternate media for voice and data communication with minimum bandwidth of 100 Mbps uplink and downlink per site. In case the optical fiber cable gets damaged or disconnected the Radio system automatically takes over the load.

Layer 3: Leased optical fiber cable network (Hybrid network of FO and Radio):

High Speed WAN connectivity with 10 Gbps has been established for connecting NCL HQ and projects/units through Optical fiber cable network and projects/units with weighbridges through optical fiber cable with Radio backup. This work was executed by M/s. Railtel Corporation of India Limited.

The complete network is being monitored from NCL HQ through Network management system.


In order to provide internet connectivity through NCL HQ, Internet leased line have been taken from three different internet service providers, such as 66 Mbps by M/s. Railtel Corporation of India Limited, 155 Mbps by M/s. BSNL and 20 Mbps is being provided by M/s Power Grid which helps in the implementation of various IT initiatives.,


UTM devices are installed in NCL HQ providing complete Network Security with one stand-by device it provide uninterrupted security 24*7 and filtering of websites and their contents throughout NCL.


Separate Telephone exchanges are installed in HQ and all Projects/mines/Units and each exchange is loaded with 400 to 1500 lines for providing land line connectivity in offices and residential premises. More than 7000 connections have been provided in HQ & projects/units.


Dedicated VHF walkie-talkie/ wireless communication has been provided in all the mines of NCL for wireless communication between executives and supervisors regarding their official working in the mines as well as onward transmission of urgent information’s/ instructions.


IP based video conferencing system has been established between NCL HQ to CIL & Other subsidiaries of CIL. Shortly this facility of video conferencing system will be established between NCL HQ to Area offices.

Apart from this 1 no. of MCU at HQ and 12 nos. of VC end points installed at different project/units (JRD/ KKR/ KSL/ BINA/ KHD/ DCH/ JNT/ CWS/ NSC/ NGH/ AML/ Block-B) of NCL.


Postpaid SIM has been provided to the employee of Northern Coalfields Ltd for Mobile communication i.e. for Voice & Data services.


E&T department has developed an online portal ( in LAN/WAN which constitutes a complaint lodging system for lodging various complaints related to NCL Telephones, LAN/WAN and photocopier/Fax. Online mobile directory is also available for searching contact numbers by name, designation, department and project.

Apart from the above Voice, Data and Video communication systems, NCL has also taken up various IT initiatives related to monitoring of coal movement, surveillance and other new IT/communication system:


GPS based vehicle tracking system with RFID identification for vehicles with integration of Weighbridges was introduced to automate the coal dispatch to the end user without human interface. The system is 100% automated with no human interface. The system monitors the movements of coal trucks in a defined path.

The system covers 1005 vehicles deployed for coal transportation (departmental & contractual) and 23 weighbridges. All the 1005 vehicles have been fitted with GPS-RFID devices and 23 weighbridges have been installed with boom barrier, RFID reader and camera for snapshot Tracking of coal transportation vehicles.

The Vehicle tracking system (VTS) generates alerts against the violations by the trucks are send to the respective incharge of the area for analyzing the alerts and taking necessary action on unexplained violations. Necessary actions were taken against the alerts such as route diversion, undue stoppage, Overspeed, tampering, park fence and Geo-fence were generated by the system. When we compare the alerts generated immediate after the system in place, it was found that thousands of alerts were generated. But on study and analysis, the real alerts were tapped and meaningless alerts were technically addressed. Presently a discipline is being maintained in the operation of trucks which has reduced the alerts to reality.

The movement of trucks inside NCL command area were monitored using GPS device fitted in them. This device transmits information (such as vehicle ID, latitude longitude, date time etc.) through mobile network to a designated central server. The data collected in the server are plotted in the GIS map. We can see the movement of vehicle over the map on real time basis in the monitor screen.

RFID reader reads the vehicle number from the RF tags fitted in the vehicle and takes snap of the vehicle number plate by an IP camera. Challan is generated automatically after weighment is taken. Then Boom barrier opens automatically to allow the vehicle to move out of the weighbridge. The whole information automatically sent to the GPS Central server at NCL HQ through Internet.

The online web enabled real time tracking of vehicles will facilitate officials to view project wise movement of vehicles along with weighment details on single screen. This is being monitored in the control room at each project.

This system helps to;

  • detect & prevent possible coal pilferage.
  • detect &control vehicle diversion.
  • generate various reports.

Mobile App has been developed for the real time monitoring of vehicle and dispatch details of each weighbridge. This can be downloaded from the play store.


The work order for the work was awarded to M/s. Honeywell automation Ltd, Kolkata. NCL has introduced CCTV surveillance system comprising of 550 IP based cameras that has been installed in vital locations of mines such as mine entry, exit, stores, weigh bridges, CHP, workshops, diesel filling stations, barriers and etc., at different projects/units of NCL. This system helps in prevent the theft of materials and to monitor all the activities of mines.