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Shri S. P. Singh

DESIGNATION : Area General Manager

EMAIL-ID : gmjrd.ncl@coalindia.in

CONTACT NO. : +91-9425176631

Overview :

The Jhingurda Project quarry was opened in 9th Feb 1965 in the eastern part of the block in this patch 48 boreholes were locket and since the seam has already been quarried. Located between latitudes 24'12'31 and longitudes 82'42' and 82'44'30.Located in North Eastern part of Singrauli Coalfields about 5 km east of Singrauli Railway Station.The Area is well connected by road with Renukoot in U.P. and Waidhan in M.P.,Singrauli Railway station on Obra - Katni branch is about 5 km in the west. The Jhingurda block has a pictures of surrounding having a high hill in the north. The foreground where the seams outcrops is undulating and drained by westerly flowing Jhingurda nala and its feeders which meet chatka nala in the west. The highest point on the hill top is 490m above M.S.L.The hills are thickly forested and the foreground is cultivated at places.The climate is extreme with summer temperature as high as 120 degree F during May-June and winter temperature goes down to 30 degree F in December-January.The average annuak rainfall is around 1000mm.

Brief about Jhingurda
Date of opening of Project 09-02-1965
Parting between JRD Top & Bottom Seam 31 to 58 M
Jhingurda Bottom Seam 9.38 to 19.62 M
Gradient 8 to 12 Degree (1 in 5 )
Mining Area 235 Hect.
External O B Dump 214 Hect.
Depth of Working 323 M (From Hill Top to Sump)
Mineable reserve to up dated 130.46 Mill.Tes(Extraction up to March/2013=126.16 Mill.Tes)
Balance reserve to up dated 3.80 Mte.Coal as on 01-04-2013 (As per Committee Report )
Balance reserve to up dated 2.75 Mte.Coal as on 01-04-2013 (As per PR)
Grade of coal GCV-Exceeding 4300-not Exceeding 4600(G-10)- ROM
Tree Plantation 1656728 (up to 2013-14)
Balance life of Mine 3 Years
Required Stripping Ratio 1:4
Volume of Overburden 1434.38 M. Cum

Performance :

Production/Target/Achievement of Last 5 years

Year Coal Target Coal Achievement OB Target OB Achievement
2009-10 40 23.76 55 43.1
2010-11 10 14 55 26
2011-12 10 10.6 30 26.09
2012-13 9 11.26 30 8.7
2013-14 15.25 15.6 10 8.93
2014-15 25 22.66 10 9.07

Equipments :

Manpower (As on 01-09-2015):
Executive MR DR Total
64 129 392 585

Welfare & CSR Related information :

  • Construction of WBM road at Churki village (2 KM) at Jhingurda. The work has been done in FY 2012-13 for an amount of Rs.46.73 lakh.
  • Repairing and carpeting of road from Singrauli Cheep House to Jhingurda via Panjreh and Chatka Basti at Jhingurda. The work has been done in FY 2013-14 for an amount of Rs.31.22 lakh.
  • Construction of CC road from Pradhanmantri Gramin Sadak to Isri Tola at Churki village has been done in FY 2014-15 for an amount of Rs.88.84 lakh.
  • Construction of CC road including 08 Nos. culverts from existing road to existing bridge at Chakariya village has been done in FY 2014-15 for an amount of Rs.179.00 lacs.
  • Construction of Boundary wall of High School at at Chakariya villager. The work has been done in FY 2014-15 for an amount of Rs.5.28 lakh
  • Construction of Community hall at Jhingurda village in ward No.1 via Panjreh and Chatka Basti. The work is in progress in FY 2015-16.
  • Construction of Community hall at Churki village. The work is in progress in FY 2015-16.
  • Construction of CC Road from Samshan Ghat Chatka to Pidartali (3KM). The work is in progress in FY 2015-16.
  • Widening, Strengthening with carpeting of approach road from Jhingurda to Auri Mela upto Tipppa Jharia Dam at Jhingurda. The work is in progress in FY 2015-16.

Awards :

Jhingurdah Project has been awarded National Safety Awards (Mines) for the year 2011"LONGEST ACCIDENT FREE PERIOD & for the year 2012 "LOWEST FREQUENCY RATE " by Hon'ble President of India in the function held at New Delhi on 20.03.2015.

Contacts :

Name Designation Office CUG
Shri S. P. Singh Area General Manager 51501/51451 9425176631
Sri K,Murleedharan Sr. P.A 51501/51451 9406711147
Sri Narendra Kumar GM(Mines) 51402 9406711102
Sri S. K. Gupta GM(Excv.) 51404 9406711103
Sri R. S. N. Singh Dy. GM(E&M) 51403 9406711224
Sri MD. Jaseemuddin Dy. GM(Civil) 51405 9406711106
Sri Girish Narayan Staff Officer(Pers.) 51474 9406711114
Sri B. Singh Area Finance Manager 51406 9406963958
Sri R.K. Rai System Incharge 51680 9425177846

Swach vidyalay abhiyan Distt.Ashok Nagar (MP).